Classes as usual or snow day ahead?

Get The Most Accurate School Day Closures Predictions due to snowfall.

Enter any ZIP Code in the United States or postal code in Canada.

What Is Pkfiv?

Pkfiv is a predictor tool which calculates the chance of school being closed due to snow.

How Accurate Are We?

We rely on real-time weather data from AccuWeather. AccuWeather has the lowest average error and the highest percentage of forecasts accurate within 3 degrees of actual temperature observations. Our suggestions are intended to be used as general guidance only and should not be considered as an authoritative directive. Always refer to the official announcements from schools or school districts for the most reliable information.

How Can This School Closure Predictor Be Used?

Using our predictor tool is simple. Just enter your zip code, and you'll receive 5 days of real-time school closure predictions due to heavy snow.

Who Can Use This Predictor Tool?​

This predictor tool can be used by students, parents and educational leaders.

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