What to Stock Up for a Snow Day

Make sure you have all the supplies to be prepared for whatever weather conditions come your way. Whether you’re, in an area to snowfall or just expecting a light dusting having the right items at hand is crucial.

Essential Checklist for Snow Days

When getting ready for a snow day it’s important to have a checklist of supplies to ensure you’re prepared for any situation. Firstly make sure you have a survival kit with essentials like flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit and extra blankets. These items will come in handy if there is a power outage and will help keep you safe and comfortable. Additionally stock up on perishable food items and an ample supply of drinking water. It’s also wise to have a manual can opener available in case electricity is disrupted.

Food and Snacks

Adding food and snacks to your snow day experience can make it even more enjoyable. Make sure to stock up on pantry items, like canned soups, pasta, rice and beans (because of their shelf life). These items can be easily prepared without fresh ingredients. Don’t forget to treat yourself with some comforting snacks such as chocolate, marshmallows and popcorn for a snow day indulgence. Having a variety of snacks and easy to make meals will keep you satisfied and well fed while enjoying the weather.

Essential Household Items

It’s important to have household items for snow days since you’ll be spending more time indoors. Make sure you have a supply of toilet paper, tissues and paper towels to avoid running out. Additionally consider having cleaning supplies like disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer to keep your space clean and germ free during this time. It’s also useful to have batteries for your devices along with a fully charged power bank, in case of power outages.

Safety Supplies

Prioritize safety during conditions by having a snow shovel available to clear your driveway and walkways effectively.

To ensure safety, on surfaces it’s an idea to invest in rock salt or ice melt. Additionally having sand or kitty litter for traction can be helpful. If you have a fireplace make sure you have an ample supply of firewood or Duraflame logs to keep warm. For added safety measures consider having a carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher readily available.

Entertainment Options (Least Priority)

When it comes to keeping entertained during snowbound days there are options to choose from. Board games, puzzles and playing cards will keep yourself and your family engaged. If you prefer quieter activities gather a collection of books you’ve been meaning to read or download some e books onto your e reader. Prefer books over e-books, because of electricity cuts. Don’t forget to have some craft supplies for projects as well.

Winter Clothing and Gear for Outdoor Activities

If outdoor winter activities are your thing it’s essential to have the clothing and gear, for warmth and comfort.

Invest in a pair of snow boots that have insulation to keep your feet warm and dry. Layer up, with shirts, sweaters and a winter coat that is waterproof. Don’t forget to wear a hat gloves and a scarf to protect your extremities from the cold. If you plan on sledding or skiing make sure you have the equipment and safety gear. Having the winter clothing and gear will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without any discomfort.

Emergency Supplies for Power Outages

When there is a power outage during a snowstorm it’s important to be prepared with emergency supplies. Keep candles or battery powered lanterns on hand to provide light when there is no electricity. Consider getting a phone charger or backup generator so that your devices can stay powered up. It’s also wise to have a battery hand cranked radio so that you can stay informed about weather updates and emergency announcements.    

Don’t let a surprise snow day catch you off guard.  Create a checklist of snow day necessities, including survival items, food and snacks household essentials and safety supplies ensuring that you’re prepared for any situation that may arise.

With these preparations, in place you’ll be fully prepared to embrace the enchantment of a snow filled day.

Created By Arjun Kamra

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